The Bark-a-Lounge



July 2012 I was comissioned by ComEd to participate in their Metamorfridges exhibit. This is the second time they have produced this exhibit though this year they required all 10 artists to transform recycled refrigerators into something useful. Taking into consideration my lack of construction and metalworking skills, I proposed a doghouse, named the “Bark-a-Lounge. After driving very far to a giant warehouse full of discarded refrigerators, I selected the biggest box I could find. It was hard not to choose the very old fridges with their sensual curved edges and starburst paint jobs, but they did not suit my needs. My fridge was delivered at the beginning of June and I spent the month constructing it in my garage. My handyman friend, Scott helped me with the roof construction and siding and a few other technical details. I used wallpapers I had previously purchased to decorate the kitchen and living room area. The living room wallpaper is a pricey Bradbury & Bradbury Arts & Crafts paper that I intended to use in my bedroom about 10 years ago. Since that never happened I was happy to donate it to my canine friends. We have partnered with PAWS on the house and a sign in the side window gives information about a few dogs in need as well as ways to help support PAWS. For more information click here. You can see more photos, including many of the process from delivery to pick up this link onFlckr.   For more information on the Metamorfridges project click here.  

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