ArtPrize 2012


"Epic Party” 2012 49″ x 49″ Hand Embroidery, Machine Stitching on Linen Vote Code: 52803  I am so happy to have “Epic Party” as part of “Role/Play” at Kendall College of Art & Designduring Artprize 2012. In addition to exhibiting some of the most exciting art in Grand Rapids during this year’s event, Kendall College will also be home to a speaker series featuring some very prominent art figures.Jerry Saltz, Theaster Gates, John Waters, among others will be speaking. I’ll be listing links here to many of the Artprize and Kendall College information pages: - I’m featured on the Kendall College Blog this week Artprize home page My page on  Kendall College of Art & Design - College Homepage - good description of Artprize and Kendall’s role in it - Artprize’s Speaker Series - List of artists participating in Role/Play at Kendall College 8/16/12 Just installed the show yesterday. Here’s a sneak peak at the space. This is the first exhibition in the newly renovated building, formally a courthouse and art museum before being given to Kendall College. I felt terrible banging up their beautiful virgin walls but got the job done, nonetheless.

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