Hey Bruce, Come see my show in Asbury Park!

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Saturday is the opening of a wonderful show I'm part of at Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park, NJ. This is a group show celebrating their 5th year anniversary called "1826 Days Later...Our 5th Anniversary Show!". Never been to Parlor Gallery but they show such cool work and it looks like a great space. They must have a lot of walls because they asked for 10 of my pieces! I love when the house gets emptied out because all the babies are visiting far away lands...Right now, the East Coast is heavy with Halpers. Hope it stays that way!

Particularly happy that they're showing two pieces that haven't been exhibited before. One is a drawing, "Netflix" and another is an emoticon pattern called "The Pessimist's Sampler".


Pessimist's Sampler













The group show is paired with a solo exhibit by Andrea Heimer and her work looks great! So full of dark humor. Right up my alley.

If you're in the area I strongly recommend you check out this gallery.

Other than that the art horizon is uncharacteristically quiet in the future. It's by design but sure feels strange nonetheless. But, it's time to stay inside both house and brain and incubate on future work.

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