Artist Statement

In 2020 we were all forced to stay inside and nothing had ever felt so right. My attachment to home and routine became the inspiration for a series of paintings and sculptures that focus on the rut of 30 years of marriage, dogs in my personal space, and staring at screens. I feel tension and isolation along with comfort in these everyday scenes. It is now 2024 and the world is imploding. My anxiety is demanding to be a part of my latest work.

My larger oil on canvas paintings express my emotions through imperfect lines, warped perspectives and surreal elements. In mixed media paintings on panels, I use sculptured layers to accentuate perspective in order to play with reality, creating humor and vulnerability in these small scenes. My 3d pieces use modest materials to reflect the scale of the narrative. Cardboard from Amazon orders, glitter, embroidery thread, and craft clays are layered into the oil painting base, building up the surface, making objects pop out, often extending beyond the edge of the panel. I draw the viewer's eye through exaggeration, such as an enlarged foot or giant remote control. My embellished bisque vases serve as companion pieces to select paintings, further expressing emotional content.

I am inspired by artists who work across mediums, such as Faith Ringgold who used humble tools to make bold statements and Grayson Perry for his subversive humor. I also love the painterly interiors of Pierre Bonnard and Edvard Munch.