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Just Hangin' with the Dogs

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It's beginning to look a lot like gift giving season! 

I've been falling behind in my self-designed schedule to post interesting news in the art world due to the fact that I'm too busy making some damn art! A problem I will gladly suffer thru. And when I say suffer, I have the calloused and pricked fingers to prove it.


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Artprize 2015 Review: Focus on Rumsey Street

art installations artprize artprize 2015 contemporary art Drawing of a House (Triptych) grand rapids grand rapids michigan Higher Ground SiTE:LAB State of Exception Stripes for St. Joseph The Rumsey Street Project

After much debate, Rick and I ran up to Grand Rapids to catch Artprize 7's last 48 hours.

Literally on our feet for 8 hours looking at art, we ended the day at SiTE:LAB's installation "The Rumsey Street Project". Perhaps it was exhaustion. Perhaps it was the magic of the lighting at dusk. But we suddenly slowed down to inhale every inch of this project. Mostly in silence we finally sat on the church pew benches they had assembled on a concrete square to process our impressions and, appropriately, sit in reverence at our surroundings.

This blog post will act as a memory for me as much as a way to share an experience I'd like everyone to have.

First, what is SiTE:LAB:

"SiTE:LAB creates temporary site-specific art projects aimed at facilitating dynamic collaborations between the art, design, education, business and cultural communities of Grand Rapids."

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My art went to Artprize and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt

250 monroe art fair artprize 2015 contemporary art grand rapids michigan processing fiber

Ashley Blalock

Artprize 2015 is well under way and if I could put all of you in a bus and take you to Grand Rapids, I would.

Artprize is the art show for people who don't like art. My husband, who grudgingly accompanies to far too many art events, had a ball as there is literally something for everyone. But it's also a place to see extraordinary works of skill and concept. 

When it started seven years ago it seemed like the worlds biggest outdoor fair, full of art created for the masses by the masses.

But after years of crowd pleasing religious icons and cute animals winning the grand prize last year this installation won:

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Doesn't This Look Fun?

brooklyn museum female artists jessica morgan curator judy chicago pop art pop artist 1970s pop artists1960s tate modern world goes pop

Tate Modern highlights pop art by women ignored by sexist establishment.

Work by female artists from the 1960s and 70s that was marginalised and ignored by a sexist art establishment is finally getting recognition in a major pop art show at Tate Modern.

“It’s never too late,” said Jessica Morgan, curator of the "World Goes Pop", explaining how she and her fellow curators spent five years uncovering the hidden stories from an art movement largely remembered as Anglo-American and male.

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And now for something completely different...

abstract art abstract beach painting abstract landscapes beach painting kathy halper art turquoise painting

When I started making textile art 5 years ago I never intended to stop painting forever. In fact, the only reason I began to embroider my work was because the series I was developing was strengthened greatly by the use of the medium.

Once I was deep into embroidery, however, I came to feel the medium was extremely conducive to expressing what I wanted to say with my art.

I never stopped wanting to paint again though. I only wondered if I could.

3 days ago I trashed my family room and set up a painting studio again. The set up is cramped. The lighting sucks. And my acrylic paints are mostly dried up. Don't even get me started on the condition of my brushes. It was daunting and I wondered if it was worth trying at all. But I don't have the resources to go out and buy myself a lot of new materials and renting a studio is out of the question. So it was this or nothing.

And get this, we're trying to sell our house! That's right, we spent most of the past 6 months cleaning the house up, de-cluttering and moving stuff to a storage space and in 3 short hours I've trashed the family room.

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