Custom Remembrance Necklace

$ 105.00

This is a sample of a necklace I made for a woman who had lost her dear sweet best friend. I can't tell you how honored I was to create it for her. We worked closely together. I sent her photos along the way and made sure she was happy.

She chose a silk cord, as opposed to my usual suede cord and I was happy to oblige!

To begin your custom order, all I need is a photo!


-43mm (1 5/8in) sterling silver plated bezel
-Choice of cord length
       36" inch adjustable length long cord
       20" mid-chest length with S-Clasp
       Choker length with S-Clasp
- Choice or cord material
        Black Suede
        Black Deerskin
        Black Silk
        Other colors avail. upon request

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